Simple Pricing Model with no Hidden Fees

Affordable and Feature Packed Websites.



Setup Fee



Setup Fee



Setup Fee

Monthly Fee

Fee includes maintenance, hosting, emails and domain fees.





Number of pages included with the plan, includes page design and layout.





eCommerce Functionality allowing you to add and sell products on your website with over 30 payment options.



Domain Name




Email Accounts


Up to 10

Up to 25


Present your business under the best light with our different design options.




Design Revisions

To make sure we present your website and business under the best light, we allow for design revisions.




Content Management System

Content Management System, allowing you to easily edit your website content and upload new information without the need to hire a web developer.

Website Content

We will upload the content to your website, you can use our content templates and forms. You provide the content and we will upload it.

Responsive Design

One website for all screen sizes. There is no need for separate desktop and mobile website. Our websites are responsive and adaptable to all major devices, from mobile phones, tablets, to desktop computers.

Edit on The Go

Edit your website content directly from your mobile device anytime and anywhere.

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation

Utilising the latest trends of User Experience, we will optimise your website further  to increase your conversion rate.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO; Every website we develop is launched with the latest on-page optimisations, including image alt codes, meta descriptions and SEO pate titles, to help your website rank on Google, Yahoo, Bing and all Major Search Engines.

Secure Socket Layer

All our website come with a free SSL certificate, giving your website visitors peace of mind and a sense of security when browsing your website and services.

Call To Actions

Professionally designed and placed call to actions across your website to encourage visitors to contact you or purchase your products and services.

Mobile Specific Call To Actions

Allowing your website visitors to contact you directly from their phones without the need to leave your website.


Easily promote your latest offers, product discounts and new services with popups. Encouraging your website visitors to take-action and increase your conversion rate.

Web Elements

Home Page Slider

Showcase your latest offers, services and products with an animated and prominently placed slider, along with custom call to action buttons.

Image Gallery

Showcase your services, products and offers with an image gallery, allowing your website visitors to get an insight behind your business and brand.

Contact Form

Allow your website visitors to contact you through your website, with a contact form forwarding enquiries to your preferred email address.

Social Links

Add social links to your website, engaging and encouraging your website visitors to engage with your business and brand on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

Social Share

Make it easy for your website visitors to share your business with their friends through direct share to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more.

Notification Bar

Highlight a promotion or a coupon code with a message across the top of your website.


Easily share and educate your custom base through blogs and articles, with no restriction on the amount of content published.

Google ReCaptcha

Secure your website against spam with Google ReCaptcha, so you only get real emails from real users.


Show your business location and service area with an integrate map.

Multi-Location Map

If your business has multiple locations, display all locations on one map, allowing your visitors to find the location closest to them.

RSS Feeds

Connect your website to another blog, to share content directly without the need to copy and paste across multiple websites or services.

Push Notifications

Utilise the latest browser technology, allowing your website visitors to subscribe to your website, so when you publish new products, blogs or offers, they automatically get notified.

Reporting and Analytics

Search Engine Submission

To help your business get found online, we will submit your website index to all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Google Analytics

Get accurate and live website visitor reports with Google’s own analytics platform.

Facebook Pixel

Integrate Facebook’s tracking software in your website allowing you to run more targeted Facebook Ads to increase your conversion rate.

Monthly Reporting

Every single month we will send you a website performance report to help you gain a better insight into your online presence endeavours.

What Our Customers Say

Websites Delivered on time with no hidden fees or unexpected costs.

Anthony Indraus
Custom works

"Was completely surprised by how good and efficient their work is!"

Anthony Indraus
Custom works

"Was completely surprised by how good and efficient their work is!"

Anthony Indraus
Custom works

"Was completely surprised by how good and efficient their work is!"

Anthony Indraus
Custom works

"Was completely surprised by how good and efficient their work is!"

No Obligation

Contact us for an obligation free consultation, we can help you decide which option is best suited for your business.

We specialise in digital design, digital strategy and online conversion, we develop each tailored strategy with conversion in mind, as each business has it is own unique requirements and needs.


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