Are you a small business owner? If yes, you would agree that every business is growing on the complementary factors of trust and customer satisfaction. While existing customers already trust the business it is critical to building on the relationship and enhances customer satisfaction. On the other hand, when it comes to potential customers, how would they learn to trust the business? Simple, they need to experience the possibilities and gain the confidence to give your product or service a try.

Therefore, customers must possess the ability to access information and substantial aspects of the pre-sales, sales and after-sales experience. The online presence of a business, especially having websites for a small business, allows for this access to the users irrespective of time and location i.e. Users can access information and establish communication with your business from any part of the world at any time of the day. Get their queries, concerns, and problems resolved without the hassle of personally visiting the business premises.

The key is customer engagement while building trust through words and actions. Having an online presence is the need of the hour for small businesses, wherein the competitive landscape has raised the stake for online marketing and made users practically adept and aware of web design of business websites. Every surviving business will eventually get online and harness the ever-growing potential of technology i.e. the following benefits for having an online presence:

1. Seamless, Global 24X7 access, connectivity, and engagement, especially for Pre-sales and After Sales: Anybody can learn about your business, establish communication or even buy or use your services. The outreach of your business grows manifold, be it migrants, drifters, old customers who have moved to another location, tourists or just a casual user on the web with a latent demand for your offering or even vendor seeking large corporations.

2. Enhance your Brand and Outreach: Sometimes it is not about the immediate business. Sometimes, it is about leaving a good impression that triggers a desire or an aspiration in the user to experience your offering sometime later. That is where the digital presence and social media play a critical role. Today, any small business can make its brand go viral, provided all elements fall into place.

3. Cheaper Inbound Marketing and Market Analytics: The website owner gets a feel of the market, types of visitors viewing the website is akin to window shoppers, but the information is recorded and tabulated for better analysis. Like brick and mortar businesses, websites can also advertise and market themselves, but unlike brick and mortar businesses, websites can immediately address inbound marketing for inbound visitors i.e. website traffic. Users can visit your website from the comfort of their homes; you just have to engage them.

4. Other benefits of having an online presence include:

a. Improving the recruitment pool of potential employees at lower costs, more so when most job applicants apply online.

b. Monetizing one’s social media accounts, advertising spaces on the website or analytics.

c. Educating customers with empowering information that leads to informed choices.

d. Explore other avenues for online consumer engagement.