Being a fresh entrepreneur is undoubtedly one of the scariest places to be in. While you might be ready to handle risks, go through market research and make tough business decisions, a new and consequentially small business leaves the job of 100 departments to 5-10 people, and sometimes 1 person wearing all the hats.

Any business these days counts as a business only when it has an online presence. It is the key to mark your attendance and to make it bigger and better. The audience, on the other hand, has an attention span of 5-10 seconds for anything, which puts a lot of pressure on your web design to grab the eye of the scroller. You might have the brains to know when and how to market, but the aesthetics and design are a whole new game.

To make your already stressful lives easier, we have brought to you 3 web design hacks that will get you kick-started with your online marketing.

1. Limited options for your home page: People take longer to make a decision when they have more options. As beautiful as our homepage might be, we want our audience to click a link and dig deeper on the website, our products, and our blogs. Keep the options to navigate limited to 5 or 7 at the most. It will keep your audience on your website for a lot longer and get them to the products and the important parts.

2. Typography: The basics are two choose two fonts, one for your headings and the attention grabbers, and the other for elaborating content. Make sure both of them are from the same family. Though it doesn’t come directly under typography, you will also need two fixed colors aligned to your product logo or packaging theme (if it has packaging). Consistency in element designs is essential in making your brand stand out and easy to identify in the long run. A common mistake would be to allot one font to one color. Using the same color in one piece of content would work better and use the colors to play with different kinds of content.

3. Layout and Alignment: Use narrow columns everywhere you can and keeps the distracted readers on board for longer. When it comes to alignment, school and college might have taught us to always go with ‘justify’, but playing around with alignments will let your audience move around their eyes, and leave more white space on the page, and it only adds to the beauty. It will also give you the freedom to place pictures smartly.

With the basic hacks at your hand, don’t be afraid to follow your gut and enjoy the autonomy that comes with being an entrepreneur. It is your business in the end, make decisions that feel right, and not live with regrets.